City of Heroes

City of Heroes / City of Villains / Going Rogue

A Massive Multiplayer Online game set in a universe of heroes and villains.  The live game was run by NCSoft (now NC) for about a decade.  While never having the popularity of larger MMOs, it has a very dedicated following.  Since then rogue servers have popped up and allowed fans to once again play the game.  Negotiations are on-going in an attempt to legitimize these efforts.

The author is fond of the Homecoming servers, however several groups exist to meet different tastes.  We suggest searching terms on this page if interested, as links will not be provided until the negotiations are finalized.

Character Biographies

Matilda Seras (Praetorian)
Mutant Mastermind

Jersey Girl
Daughter of the Mad Cow King

Mattie Köhler (Praetorian)
Mutant Brute

??? (Praetorian)
Mutant Corruptor

Heroine in dark purple flexing in front of a PPD sign
Schwarzschild Radius
Matilda Seras
Kheldian Warshade

A purple-hued wormhole spiralling into darkness.
The Singularity Seven
Identical Septuplets
Gravity slinging sisters...

A small dragon and her faerie standing in a sink, protecting a shelf of candy.
Dragon from Sigil
Magic Sentinel

A red and blue robot posing in front of a menacing black robot.
Praetorian Clockwork
Technology Sentinel

An elfin girl with spiked silver hair, a red sleevless jacket, and not much else
Aisha Quinn
An anthropomorphic wasp in black and yellow
Yellow Jacket
Vespidae (Praetorian)
Science Corruptor