Praetorian Clockwork with a Repurpose - Technology Sentinel

"Kayce" was part of a captured group of praetorian clockwork redecorated and sent marching into the Magisterium as a joke. Somehow surviving Marauder's rage mostly intact, a different cell recovered, repaired, and repurposed it. Tickled with the results, the unwitting clockwork has become something of a mascot and morbid betting pool used on an assortment of anti-Cole errands.

It has become a point of pride amongst resistance techies to have performed an 'upgrade' on the unit. The names of a dozen soldiers can be found engraved upon its chassis. One of the earlier techs dubbed it a 'cutie pie'. This escalated into its own game, with graffiti around the city referencing the unit and one hacker going so far as to officially change its designation in the central database.
A red and blue robot posing in front of a menacing black robot.