Heavily Customized DIKU / Silly MUD

Mozart is a MUD that first opened its virtual doors in 1992 by Pharazon and Fantom using a DIKU/Silly codebase.  There have been a few stops and starts through the years, but always retaining some of its core players and immortals with each transition.  It has spawned at least three sister MUDs through the years, with players filtering between them.

What is a MUD?  It is short for Multi-User Dungeon and similar acronyms.  They are text-based worlds where players adventure across fantastic realms in search of power and loot.  Wizards or Immortal shape the realms and write the code which make them run.  Very often they are the work of hobbyists and students looking to sharpen their skills while flexing their creativity.  They range from low fantasy to science fiction and span a range of playing styles.

Mozart itself is loosely based upon D&D, though it has been heavily modified from the original world and code.  It has 100 levels plus eleven avatar levels, twelve classes not including multi-class combinations, set in a high-fantasy realm approaching 300 zones, over twenty thousand rooms, and four thousand unique mobiles and objects.

The author's personal history with Mozart is they played from 1992 until about 2004, when life and other gaming interests took over.  Most of these years was spent as an immortal where they added three large zones (500+ rooms), overhauled many more, and implemented several coding projects.  These ranged from small quality of life improvements, to stability enhancements that took uptime from hours to weeks, and the design of around half the avatar abilities.  In 2020 when they discovered the MUD had suffered an unrecoverable crash and was being rebuilt from ancient code, they offered to assist in the effort.  Since then they have restored two zones with near re-writes, completely revamped the long neglected antipaladin class, and added numerous improvements and fixes to the code.

If curious, more can be discovered below: