Black and Silver Dragon displaced from Sigil

Leirith is an extremely young dragon that escaped to this dimension through luck, chance, and determination. Her hubris is only exceeded by her naivete. Despite her selfishness, the city finds her performing good deeds in an attempt to curry favor and win followers. Unfortunately her sense of right and wrong is a work in progress.

She is always accompanied by her faithful kobold, Bruxa, high priestess of the Thurkear religion.  Though she looks like a faerie in the CoH universe.  Neither really understands this, but it doesn't diminish her fervor for spreading word of her mistress.

If given the opportunity, either will gladly inform you of Leirith's titles:

Leirith'thurkear the Magnificent
Queen of Tenterre Swamp 
Uniter of Clans
Beloved of Princesses
Provider for Orphans
Saviour of Augashire
Beater of Beholders
Crusher of Cultists
The Pathfinder
A small dragon and her faerie standing in a sink, protecting a shelf of candy.