Yellow Jacket

Vespidae (Praetorian) - Science Corrupter

Genetic hyrbrids were an emerging line of research before Emperor Cole single-handedly ended the Hamidon Wars. Her parents were two such creations who avoided termination thanks to sympathic scientists and a bankrupt company with bigger worries than escaped test subjects. It turns out they could breed true and named their little bundle of buzzing joy Vespidae.

Thanks to her heritage, Vespa has an unshakable dedication to protecting her perceived hive. Unfortunately, this also prevents her from seeing its flaws as anything other than something to be papered over.

She can be annoyingly curious and lacks any semblance of social graces or concept of personal space. She also has an uncanny knack for knowing where to poke to be most bothersome. On the other hand, she isn't judgemental about anything.
An anthropomorphic wasp in black and yellow