Jersey Girl

(Mad) Science Tanker

A creation of the maniacal Mad Cow King, Jersey has parted ways with her misguided father. She seeks to use her bovine build to bring Justice to an ailing and embattled world.In her spare time she can be found protesting Hero Burger's use of heroic bovines in their product.

Heel-turn: Did this heroine get a case of BSE or was she tired of taking too much bull? Some say it is a ruse and she has gone undercowver. Whatever the reality, for the moment she has a beef with everyone.Asked why she did it, her response was, "For the moolah."This is sample content, you can replace it with your own text and images.
A very tall woman holding a protest sign in front of a Hero Burgers logo.  She is reminiscent of a cow with white hide and black spots.