The Singularity Seven

Mutant Sisters from Separate Parents

Through the early and mid 1970s, several mutant children were born with similar characteristics--blue skin, purple hair, pointed ears, and semi-prehensile tails.  Their birth weights were identical, though their heights shows some variation.  Researchers that tracked mutant births were astounded to learn the children were genetically identical.  Follow-up tests showed that their parents passed all paternity tests, none of the parents were related, yet together each set was able to produce identical septuplets.  They became known as the Singularity Seven.

The first of them was named Matilda.  Though not knowing the genetic relation at the time, the second parents felt naming their child the same would give their different-looking daughter a 'sister'.  The third set of parents liked the sentiment.  By the seventh, the genetic quirks were known and the parents felt it was destined, so all of the girls were named some variation of the original, often owing to linguistic differences.  While the occasional story would pop up about them, thanks to an ever-increasing meta-human population, only dedicated researchers carefully followed their growth.  Each internalized their minor fame in ways, though all felt some connection to their sisters.

From a young age it became apparent that each of the children possessed gravitational-based powers, however they expressed themselves in different manners.  These ranged from being able to manipulate gravity to increase its effects in an area, to decreasing it to allow distant leaps or floating, to more passive means such as massively increasing their body density.

As they neared adulthood they entered the realms of meta-humans.  Seras, Köhler, Luna, Issawi, Karantanija, Aoki, and (Temuulen) would leave a heavy mark upon the world.

Praetorian versions of the Singularity Seven are known to exist, though information is much more fragmentary and relegated to that which was brought with the refugees.  Early archives indicate the Seras child was named Matthias, and the Japanese child's surname was Sakurai instead of Aoki.  At least two are known to have escaped Praetoria prior to its fall.
A purple-hued wormhole spiralling into darkness.