Mattie Köhler (Praetorian) - Mutant Brute

Mattie Köhler is one of the Singularity Seven, a group of girls born to different parents yet sharing striking similarities down to the genetic level. All of the girls are mutants with gravitational powers, though in this they each manifest slightly differently.

For Mattie, her powers are mostly involuntary, and have made her body extremely dense. What control she has developed allows her to channel crushing force through her already potently dense limbs. The downside to this is a very limited sense of touch which can make pulling her punches difficult.

More problematic is she is from Praetorian Earth. Although her actions have swayed members of Vanguard enough to keep her out of detention, approval from the populace is another matter. Culture shock puts her in danger of walking a darker path.
Dark-clad woman with blue skin and purple hair standing in front of a PPD sign.