??? (Praetorian) - Mutant Corruptor

[Dossier abstract on Shade-0003, aka Shadowsinger]

Her powers manifested early, causing a rapid change into a sentient shadow. True intangibility has many downsides, including an inability to manipulate objects, produce vocalizations, or hear well. There were attempts by the Seer program to bypass these limitations, however they had poor results. More mundane means proved the answer as patient tutors managed to teach her sign language, though her vocabulary is limited due to disinterest.

While considered a success, it was realized that her perspectives had become non-standard and alien. She has no basic needs. Shifting lights and patterns mezmorize her. Her curiosity is subdued. Her comprehension of people is similarly stunted, leading to easy miscommunication and manipulation.

Powers Division was all too ready to exploit these traits, cultivating loyalty through ignorance. Yet Marchand chose her as one of his ambassadors. Strategic choice to promote honesty or hide intentions?

With practice she has gained limited control over light and shadow in her vicinity. This in turn has given her is the ability to merge with and freely move from shadow to shadow. She has further developed this connection to use against others to somehow bend the classical forces of gravity, friction, and momentum where the physical realm touches the shadows.
A shadowy woman emerging from French doors.